RV Awning Cleaning with 1 Simple “Magic” Trick

After an off-season of moisture caught in a rolled-up awning, or a summer of dirt, or a fall of tree leaves, you might be pretty disgusted with the condition of your RV awning. Mold and mildew can leave ugly black stains all over your lovely white awning fabric. But we have the secret to removing those dark spots on the underside.

Try using Magic Eraser by Mr. Clean to clean and remove stains on your awnings. Seeing these photos is believing!

The secret to cleaning an RV awning.
The before and after of this RV awning is pretty dramatic.

Any type of Magic Eraser will do, but the mop version seems to be the easiest to use with its long handle. Combine that with water or a mild detergent or soap, and it’ll do the trick.

A few tips from RVers who use Magic Erasers on RV awnings…

  • Wet the awning first and wait a short while before working on it. This allows any mold or mildew to soften up and will make your task a lot easier.
  • Any mild detergent will do as the Magic Eraser will do most of the work. Some favorites are Dawn dishwashing liquid (it’s great for removing grease), or diluted Awesome — an all-purpose cleaner available at many dollar stores.
  • Do not use bleach or harsh chemicals unless you are certain your awning manufacturer recommends doing that. It can damage some types of awning material.
  • There are some stains from tree sap that a cleaner will help remove, but there are some stains that are too tough and ingrained for even the Magic Eraser to remove from your RV awning. But typically the blackest marks are from mold and mildew, and it will be very successful against those things.
  • Mr. Clean Magic Eraser pads will work too, but the mop makes the job easier with the long handle. These mops aren’t as easy to find as the pads, which are available at most retail stores, but you can find them on Amazon, so we provided a link to them.

Where to find it…

You can find Magic Eraser products on Amazon, or at some retail stores. The mops are more difficult to find, but are available on Amazon.

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