Avoid Water Spots with This Basic Trick

You may be familiar with Rain-X for car windshields, but it can be useful for all sorts of things for RVers. If you use the wash and water repellent products, they can be used to keep hard water spots off shower doors and shower stalls, make toilet areas easier to clean up, keep rain spots from skylights and exterior windows, and can even be used to prevent spotting on your RV exterior itself. Or keeping your side mirrors free of water when it rains.

It is Easier to Prevent Water Spots than to Remove Them.

They have several products, but the wash-and-repellent product can be used for most applications. They do have a product specifically designed for use on plastic applications, which does work a little better, but we’ve never had an issue using the regular wash and rain repellent on just about anything we want to repel water and not leave spots, haze or soap scum.

Because the easiest way to remove water spots is to not get them in the first place.

Where can you find the Rain-X specialty products?

Rain-X has a number of products available on Amazon. These are what we suggest for the most flexibility of uses:

  • Rain-X Waterless Car Wash and Rain Repellant can be sprayed on a variety of surfaces to repel scum and water spots, due to its mild nature and a convenient spray bottle.
  • Rain-X Plastic Treatment can be good for plastic items like a shower surround when the surface is too stubborn for the regular repellant.

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