Gray Tank Valve Open or Closed? – Video

There’s always a heated debate on this subject. When hooked up to the sewer at the RV park, do you leave the gray tank valve open or closed?

Leaving it open means you don’t have to run out there after morning showers to drain it. And you won’t accidentally back up if you forget, which eliminates potential water damage.

But leaving it open can also mean you get sewer gases traveling up into your gray tank. And pests, like sewer flies can travel up the hose. If your gray and black tank are vented together, the flies can then even come out of your toilet!

But what if you there was a way to solve both sets of problems? Well there is, and this video explains it well.

Tips on Setting Up Your Gray Tank Drainage

It is helpful to have a good hose support system and a high-quality sewer hose to pull this technique off.

We suggest the Sidewinder Sewer Support System and the Rhino brand or Titan brand sewer hose systems for a tight sealing and reliable sewer set up.

For the sewer support system, it is important to get the longest length you will ever need. They need to slope steadily from the RV to the sewer opening, so you cannot use two and achieve that ideal slope, but they can always compress when you are using a shorter hose connection.

All items are available from Amazon or many RV part stores.

Sidewinder Sewer Support System

Rhino Brand Sewer Hoses

Titan Brand Sewer Hoses

Manufacturer Notes

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