8 Cheap RV Hacks Using a Pool Noodle

Who would guess that the simple pool noodle could be such a useful RV hack? But RVers have found a number of ways to use this super inexpensive item that are very creative and useful.

Noodles come in several sizes, including Jumbo, and you can also find them already split lengthwise when you are wanting to slide it over something.

#1) Save Your Microwave Tray

If your trailer or motorhome RV microwave has a glass turntable on the bottom, as many do, you know the annoyance of having to re-seat the glass tray if you’ve encountered even slight bumps along the way. Even worse, I’ve known folks that get the joy of having to find a replacement for a broken one because it had been bouncing around loose in the microwave.

Pool noodle securing microwave tray
A properly sized pool noodle piece will hold the tray in place.

Protect that tray!

Once again pool noodles come to the rescue! If you cut a piece of pool noodle about 1″ taller than your microwave, you can compress it slightly and slide it into the microwave, applying constant pressure to the tray. As your RV bounces down a bumpy road, the noodle gently hold the tray in place!

Just slide it back out when you are at your destination and ready to cook, and the tray should still be seated correctly in its place.

Pool noodles can be found inexpensively on Amazon, at Walmart, and on rare occasion, dollar stores.

#2) Keep Your Refrigerator Fresh in Storage with this RV Hack

It seems like every week we find a new use for a pool noodle in an RV. Zip ties, duct tape, and pool noodles are now RV necessities.  Now we found a great idea for keeping your refrigerator door from closing while storing your rig.

Pool noodle refrigerator door stops

A closed fridge and/or freezer that is turned off can trap moisture and result in mold and mildew forming in it. But sometimes while the RV is being stored, refrigerator doors get bumped or closed while moving around. If you cut a small piece of pool noodle and slice it open, you can place it on the seal of the fridge and freezer doors. The nice soft noodle will assure that nothing will get damaged if the door does get bumped into, but also the door won’t accidentally get closed. Plus you can close a bit to get by the door, without it latching shut.

Pool noodles can be found inexpensively on Amazon, at Walmart, or on a more rare occasion, at dollar stores.

#3) Save A Body Part with a Pool Noodle

It doesn’t take long around an RV slide or an RV awning to learn how painful it is to whack your head against them. Pool noodles to the rescue?

Slide a brightly colored pool noodle lengthwise and slide the pool noodle over slide edges, awning supports, even tie-down lines, to make them not only softer, but much more visible. The next time you stand up from getting something out of a storage bin and hit your head against a soft pool noodle instead of hard metal, you’ll be grateful.

Not just your head, but a pool noodle around hitches and A-frames can save a bruising to a knee or shin.

#4) Protect Your Expensive Windshield Wipers.

Motorhome windshield wipers cost a lot more than car wipers, but also it’s kind of a pain changing them out. Ideally you want to have to change them as infrequently as possible but still have them in good shape to do their job. But UV rays, especially while in storage can wreak havoc on rubber.

If you slit a pool noodle lengthwise and cut them to size, they neatly slide over wipers, protecting them from UV and weather.

pool noodle on wipers
Slit lengthwise, a noodle can protect windshield wipers.

#5) Cushion Your Legs and Feet

Alright, this is really two uses combined (bonus!). One for bunkrooms, and one for camping chairs. But both will save your feet so pain.

For those of you with bunkrooms, you know the stock ladders they give you to climb into the top bunk are terrible. The rungs are so narrow they are painful on the feet.

Slit a pool noodle lengthwise and slide it on the horizontal rungs. Then use some anti-slip tape or cloth tape to keep in place, and you now have padded rungs.

Similarly on the bars at the end of anti-gravity chairs or recliners, a pool noodle placed on the bar will make it much softer for your legs and feet.

Pool noodle foot protection on camp chair
Wrap a chair bar or bunkhouse ladder to make it more comfortable.

#6) Inexpensive Freshwater Hose Insulation

If you RV in below-freezing weather, you need to do something to keep your freshwater hose from freezing. Heat tape is helpful, but often just some insulation will do the trick. Yes, they do sell pipe insulation that can work well, but it you think the temps will drop considerably, pool noodles are considerably thicker and so provide a lot more insulation power.

Just slide several pool noodles over your hose when the forecast is dropping below freezing and your lines will be much more protected.

NOTE: We do suggest adding a heat tape or heat cable to your hose if it stays under freezing for several days, or you are in extremely low temps. But for most RVers, insulating will provide enough protection.

Pool noodle insulating freshwater hose
A pool noodle can insulate your freshwater hose.

#7) Protect Your Slide Covers in Bad Weather

Slip a rope through a pool noodle or two and flip it over you awning covers so they don’t flap in wind storms. Tie the rope around the entire slide to secure pressure on the top of the covers with the pool noodle. The noodle will protect the fabric from rope and allow a small amount of give to it won’t tear.

#8) Keep Water from Collecting in the Corner of Your Screen Tent or Canopy

If you’ve used your screen tent or canopy to have a protected space from the rain, you may have had the issue of water collecting in the corners. Too much water, and you can damage the tent. But a strategically placed pool noodle can lift the corner just enough to allow the water to no longer pool up.

A pool noodle can saver your screen tent or canopy.

Where can I get different kinds of noodles?

Most of us have seen pool noodles of various colors available at places like Amazon or Walmart, but did you know they are also available already split lengthwise and in Jumbo sizes? They are a little more difficult to find, so we recommend the following from Amazon:

  • Standard pre-split pool noodles in black assorted colors
  • Jumbo pool noodles in assorted colors
  • Jumbo pre-split pool noodles in black and assorted colors
  • Pipe insulation (black and thinner than the standard pull noodle, pre-split
  • Heat cable (tape) for hoses with automatic temperature-triggered on/off

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