4 Super-Fun Graphic Masks to Declare Your RVing Passion

People are getting pretty creative with their COVID masks. We may look back at this time and think it strange, but there’s no reason you can’t add a little fun to the task right now!

Show Everyone Your Personal RV Love and Creativity

You are sure to get the conversations started when people see your fun RV mask. We’ve picked out three of our favorites to capture some RV or camping fun, or you can browse our complete hand-selected list of RV mask designs on the RedBubble site.

All masks listed here are made by RedBubble, one of the most well-respected online graphic printers. Each item helps support a creative artist with your purchase. All items from RedBubble include a full satisfaction guarantee, which is why we are proud to recommend their products.

Glamping Mask

Let’s start with this cutie. Adorable little trailers are sure to put a smile on people’s faces, even if they can’t exactly see yours. Fashionable, while still saying, “I’d rather be camping, just in a glamorous way.”

Add pizazz to your mask collection.

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Glamping Corona Virus Mask
Glamping Mask

Happy Camper

This cute design shows your love for travel and all things RV. You don’t need to be boring when you put on this adorable mask.

Get everyone talking about your next travel plans.

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Happer Camper COVID Mask
Happy Camper Mask

S’mores Mask

It’s cute, it’s fun, and it’s a camping tradition — roasting marshmallows. Perfect for the camper with a great sense of humor.

Make people laugh with your camping spirit.

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S'mores Camping COVID mask
S’mores Mask

Made for Social Distancing

Hey, we camp for a reason. Sometimes social distancing is exactly what we need. Declare your camping durability with this mask that says that being out in nature isn’t all that bad, as far as you are concerned.

Announce your independent spirit.

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Social Distancing Camping COVID Mask
Made for Social Distancing Mask

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We’ve collected a great selection of the best RV mask designs on RedBubble. No matter your taste, there’s a design for you.

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