Make Setting up an RV Campsite Easy – Video

Setting up your motorhome, trailer or fifth-wheel.

There’s a lot for an RVer to remember in the process of setting up an RV campsite. Beginning RVers will especially appreciate this very nicely presented guide by Long Long Honeymoon covering all the steps required to get you RV site set up correctly. But even an experienced RVer can learn a few things to tweak their setup process.

Equipment required for setting up properly.

Here are some of the items that are discussed in the video that are available on Amazon.

Dog Bone Adapters – Here’s a full list of dog bone adapters to connect your rig when there is a different type of plug. Remember to get the one with the correct end for what you are trying to accomplish. For example:

  • To go from your 30amp trailer or motorhome to a 50amp post plug.
  • To go from your 50amp trailer or motorhome to a 30amp post plug.
  • To go from your 50 or 30 amp trailer or motorhome to a regular old household 15 amp plug.

Note: Dog bone adapters only get you connected to the power, it does not change the amperage available. So if you are plugin into a lower amperage plug, then your electrical usage in your rig will have to be reduced so you don’t trip the breaker for that lower amperage electrical socket.

Rubber Sewer Donut – A very inexpensive piece of equipment to make sure your sewer hose seals well in the RV park’s sewer connection. Without this, your site may smell very foul as sewer gasses can escape.

Sewer Hose Support – This lifts your sewer hose off the ground (required in some counties) as well as perfectly angles your sewer hose for good flow from your RV to the sewer opening.

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