Simple Sewer Hose Support Solutions

As fulltime RVers, some of the RVToolbox crew stays in Arizona during the winter. We’ve noticed, a lot of counties across the country, including many in Arizona, are making it law that sewer hoses are not resting on the ground. The idea is that a leaky sewer hose cannot be as easily detected when it’s sitting on the ground, where you can’t see a drip.

There are a few ways you can become compliant. One is to get an inexpensive piece of PVC rain gutter, and support it at a slope with the sewer hose resting in place. It is super cheap, and not a big issue if you have a place to stow it or aren’t moving much, but it can be a bit unwieldy.

Gutter Sewer Support
I piece of vinyl guttering can provide a great slope for your sewer hose.

Another even better option is the Sidewinder-style hose supports. They accordion out at a steady slope and lift your hose off the ground. Because they accordion, they are really easy to store.

Sidewinder Sewer Support
The Sidewinder sewer hose support.

The Deluxe Sewer Hose Support Strategy

If you have a particularly tricky or long expanse, or you are setting up long term in an area, a great way to create a perfect slop can be to combine both a gutter and a Sidewinder support. Even if the Sidewinder is spread widely, the gutter will keep the perfect angle. And the gutter is easily tilted to the right angle by the Sidewinder.

Sewer Hose Support
Combining a gutter with a sewer support can solve even a tricky sewer setup like this.

Where can I get a Sewer Support?

Vinyl gutters that can interlock can be found at most hardware supply stores, like Lowes or Home Depot.

Sidewinder Sewer Supports can be found online on Amazon

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