Stop Losing Your Remote Controls

A little sticky-backed Velcro can help corral your remote controls where you can find them, and give them a safe place to ride on travel days. No more having them slide around, lost in a drawer, or buried in a seat cushion. 

Place a strip on the back of the remote control.

Once you have the Velcro attached to the remote, simply place the other side in a handy place, like a wall or side of a handy cupboard. We recommend getting a color that blends more closely, as well as attaching the softer “fuzzy” side to the remote for a more pleasant experience when holding it.

Stick-backed Velcro or similar items can be found very inexpensively on Amazon or at larger supply stores.

Here’s where you can find Sticky-Backed Velcro on Amazon.

Manufacturer Note

Velcro is a brand name for a specific brand of hook and loop fastener.

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