Top 5 Simple RV Upgrades

We were talking about our top 5 simple (limited tools, cheap and quick) RV upgrades we’ve done that we think everyone should do. It was hard to narrow it down to just 5, but for now, we think these are our favorite SIMPLE upgrades we’ve done. What would your list look like?

#1 Better Showerhead

The stock showerhead in most RV pretty are terrible. They work, and they are cheap for manufacturers to install, but that’s about all they have going for them. But it is super easy to swap them out. A showerhead that puts air into the water stream like the Oxygenics, ends up using the same amount of water, but feels like you are showering in twice as much.

Our favorite replacement showerheads (because of quality and how they work) are the Oxygenics Fury’s slim showerhead, or the Oxygenics ETL 26781. Both come in nickel or white finishes and are available on Amazon.

#2 Better Sewer Hose

Dealers often nicely throw in a cheap sewer hose to get you started when you buy a rig, but they are generally flimsy and so will soon rust or leak. Do yourself a favor and get a quality, accordion-style sewer hose like a Rhino brand hose. They are MUCH more durable, have very solid fitting on the end, and compress or expand to the length you want them or to stow them.

Thetford makes a good premium sewer hose system called Titan that is very similar to the Rhino. Either would be a considerable RV upgrade to the sewer system.

*One thing to be aware of though, if you store your hose in your bumper, the sturdier fittings on the hose can be a very tight to fit in there or not at all.

Rhino Sewer Hose
Rhino Sewer Hose

#3 Better Freshwater Hose

Stop wresting your stiff freshwater hoses. The Zero-G hose is super flexible and durable, resists kinking, and when empty, collapses down into a fraction of the space a traditional hose requires and can fit most shape containers.

The beauty of their compactness is you can get a nice long hose and fit it in the same amount of space as other hoses, plus you don’t need an additional hose, “just in case” the faucet is too far away. NOTE: Make sure you get the one listed here which is made for drinking water in RVs and boats.

Coiled Zero-G Hose
Zero-G Hose Is Light and Coils Up Compactly

#4 LED Lightbulbs Everywhere They Aren’t

The new LEDs are brighter, last longer, and most importantly, uses FAR less power from your batteries. It’s one of those no-brainer RV upgrades.

If your rig isn’t using them for ALL your lights, switch them out. They cost more up front, but last longer so it all evens out. No brand recommendations since there are lots of good ones, but don’t go too cheap, since cheaply made ones are made poorly and a good percentage of them will fail, so you don’t really save much money.

They make them in all types of bulb styles and warmths (so it can seem cozier or crisper). Typically, the type of bulb you need will be written on the metal base of the one you remove. The LED bulb will then indicate which model number it replaces.

LED Lightbulb
LED Lightbulb

#5) Add Gate Valve to the Very End of the Sewer Outlet

We just discussed this one recently, but if your rig doesn’t have a valve at the very end of your sewer pipe outlet, you should really consider getting one of these. You know how if you have any leaking from your valves, they aren’t shut as tight as you thought, or there’s any residual liquid in your pipes, you get that disgusting drip when you take the sewer cap off? The Valterra Twist-on Valve solves that. It’s cheap, it takes seconds to install (it twists on like the cap, then the cap attaches to the valve), and requires no tools. Much nicer.

Valterra Twist on Valve
Valterra Twist-on Valve

So what would you include on your list of simple RV upgrades? Let us know in the comments below.

Where can you get these items? Because they are so price competitive, we’ve provided links to Amazon for many of the above items so you can order them today, but a good reputable RV shop should be able to provide any of these items as well.

  • Oxygenics Fury slim showerhead and the Oxygenics ETL 26781
  • Rhino brand and Titan Sewer Hose
  • Zero-G Hose
  • Valterra Twist-on Valve

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