Easily Get Freshwater from Nearly Any Faucet

While we haven’t used this gadget a lot, when we have, it has saved us from grief or having to pay to stay somewhere when we hadn’t planned on it. So it’s a good gadget to have in your RV arsenal, particularly when boondocking or camping at a primitive campground.

The “Water Bandit” is a rubber connection that you place on your hose for when the only water source you can find has a faucet without thread or damaged threads. The rubber manifold slips onto all sorts of faucets — we’ve even used it on a bathroom sink at a primitive campground.

This is design for filling your RV freshwater tank.

This is for filling your freshwater tank though, it is not designed for long-term connections or pressurized situations like running it as a city water connection. It will work for any motorhome, travel trailer, van, or fifth-wheel that fills with a standard RV freshwater hose.

Worm Clamp

Bonus tip: For particularly difficult faucets, slip a worm clamp on (see photo), which are very cheap at any hardware store, and tighten a little for a better grip.

The Water Bandit is available on Amazon, the clamp is available at any hardware store or Harbor Freight.

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