Outdoor RV Sanitation Station

Who doesn’t need an outdoor RV sanitation station? Whether to quickly clean up after handling a tank dump, or even just to have a place to clean up outside while grilling or eating outside. By attaching everything to the inside of the storage door, when you open it, everything is ready to go. Clever!

RV cleanup station

This is only one way to do it, so adapt as needed and depending on how your bin doors open.

If your door swing up like the photo above, a suggestion for the hand-sanitizer or anti-bacteria soap is to remove the straw inside. That will allow the pump to dispense the soap, but will all the bottle to normally ride right-side-up when the door is closed which will prevent spilling.

Here’s how we attached our sanitation station items.

We have had success in creating our own station by attaching items using durable 2 sided tape. Items we wanted to remove (to refill bottles, use on the picnic table, etc.), we used sticky-backed Velcro. Paper towel holders can be attached with short screws, but be sure they won’t pass all the way through the door.

Other possible items to include is a container of disposable gloves, a compact first aid kit, or pre-moistened hand-wipes.

Some places you can find sanitation station items mentioned on this page:

First aid kit from Amazon

Disposable Gloves from Amazon

Sticky-backed Velcro from Amazon

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