Fix a Stuck Black Tank Sensor

Having trouble with your black tank sensor? Okay, that was a rhetorical question, because EVERYONE has trouble with their black tank sensor.

Often a faulty reading on your black tank sensor is caused by solids (like toilet paper) getting stuck on the sensor in the tank. A stick sprayer that has a rotating nozzle can be particularly useful in getting that solid dislodged. For best results, fill the tank with fluid and let it soak for a little while to soften the solids, then empty it before using this tool.

The stick sprayers come in two versions — a flexible swivel stick is best for tanks that are offset from the toilet, a straight swivels stick works best for tanks that are directly below the toilet.

Regardless if this gets your troublesome sensor working again or not, a good cleaning of your black tank will save you a lot of headaches from waste build-up. But if you just can’t get your sensor working still, you may have to resort to an external tank sensor. Check out our article on the subject if you’d like to know more.

Where can you find a RV Stick Sprayer to clean your stuck black tank sensor?

RV stores will carry them, but we like the Camco products found on Amazon.

Camco Straight Wand Sprayer, best for tanks directly below the toilet.

Camco Flexible Wand Sprayer, best for tanks offset from the toilet.

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