Collapsible Safety Cones

Add Safety to Many Situations

Do you carry a traffic cone (or flag) in your rig? We find them very useful. Obviously, they can be a big safety tool when you have to do something like marking a traffic hazard when you have to change a tire on a blind curve or small shoulder. But they also can be particularly helpful in RV life.

Collapsible Safety Cones
Collapsible Safety Cones

1) As a safety cone marker to hold your spot in your non-full-hookup campsite entrance when you have to go dump.

2) To protect a corner of your trailer, 5th wheel or motorhome when an RV park puts you on a tight corner or in a tight camping spot.

3) To mark an unfamiliar turn off to your boondocking spot. Turn off roads can sometimes all look alike, which can be a challenge returning to your rig, especially at night.

Usually, the difficulty with safety devices is storage for when you aren’t using them. But since these cones are collapsible, storage is a piece of cake.

Add LEDs for even more attention

While all the cones have highly reflective strips, you can add even more attention grabbing power by selecting a collapsible cone with included LEDs. Great for situations where you want to mark a situation and aren’t sure if headlights will hit the reflectors.

Collapsible safety cones can also come with LEDs and carrying backs.

Where to get a collapsible safety cone?

There are all sorts of traffic cones available which you can order online or get at a construction supply store, but we especially like these collapsible ones since we RVers are always challenged for space. Here’s where that can be found:

  • Collapsible Cone 28-inch – Large cone from Amazon
  • Collapsible Safety Cone 4-pack 15-inch – Medium cone kit from Amazon
  • LED Collapsible Safety Cone – LED cone from Amazon
  • Full List of Collapsible Cones on Amazon – All the cones available on Amazon

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