Telescoping Ladders are a Perfect Solution for RVers

Having a tall ladder to make high repairs, wash your rig, change bulbs, wash windows, etc. is a really handy thing to have, but it can be a pain to figure out where to put it. A telescoping ladder can solve that challenge because, while still similar weight to a traditional ladder, they break down to a size that can easily fit in an RV basement or back of a tow vehicle.

Tips on selecting a good quality telescoping ladder.

Amazon carries a number of different brands that telescope. We can recommend many of the highly-rated ladders on Amazon. The primary difference in price depends on strength, size and width of the base support.

But there are also some knockoffs out there though that haven’t passed safety certifications. For that reason, be sure to only consider ones from a reputable source or one that is actually fulfilled through Amazon and not a third-party vendor in order to be certain the certification is genuine.

  • There is an extensive list of good-quality Telescoping Ladders available on Amazon.
  • We’ve gotten good feedback about the WolfWise ladder, but selecting the best ladder will depend on your requirements (height, bumpers, etc.), so we recommend researching for your specific needs.
  • We also like the Luisladder.

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