Don’t Let Foul Weather and Storms Risk Your Life

Stormy Weather

Even in summer, surprising and dangerous storms can crop up. It always a good idea to have a go-bag (with essentials that you can just grab and go), have a list of musts so you can remember everything important when you are under the stress of an evacuation, and a weather radio so you can get an accurate and immediate forecast for your precise location.

This last item is particularly important when you are RVing in an area you are unfamiliar with, so don’t know what the local radio stations are. But also weather radios also provide first-hand information from the weather service, while radio stations have to relay it.

When a weather radio’s alarm goes off, it’s your signal that there’s dangerous weather or storm approaching. They’re useful any time of the day no matter what you’re doing, but the best argument for a weather radio is that it will help protect you while you’re asleep. A significant number of tornado fatalities in the United States occur during the night, mostly as a result of people not receiving alerts because they’re in bed. They are inexpensive, so there is no reason not to have one available.

Where to find a weather radio…

Here are some affordable weather radios available on Amazon

  • Midland Consumer Radio is a great fit for RVers and is very affordable.
  • Here is a list of many other weather radios with various features and price ranges.

Information on how to build a good RV “go-bag” of your essentials can be found on the website.

Don’t forget to have a go-bag for your pets as well!

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