A Hack to Keeping Your RV Refrigerator Fresh in Storage

It seems like every week we find a new use for a pool noodle in an RV. Zip ties, duct tape, and pool noodles are now RV necessities.  Now we found a great idea for keeping your refrigerator door from closing while storing your rig.

Pool noodle refrigerator door stops

A closed fridge and/or freezer that is turned off can trap moisture and result in mold and mildew forming in it. But sometimes while the RV is being stored, refrigerator doors get bumped or closed while moving around. If you cut a small piece of pool noodle and slice it open, you can place it on the seal of the fridge and freezer doors. The nice soft noodle will assure that nothing will get damaged if the door does get bumped into, but also the door won’t accidentally get closed. Plus you can close a bit to get by the door, without it latching shut.

Where do you get pool noodles?

Pool noodles can be found very cheaply on Amazon, at Walmart, or sometimes even at dollar stores.

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