A Great New Flat-Towed Vehicle Option for RV Off-Roaders

There has been a lot of hubbub about the new Ford Bronco. It’s stylish, it is convertible, the doors come off and store in the back. It has caused a lot of lusting from those of us that like going off the beaten path. But now there is even more good news.

It’s official. We’ve gotten it from multiple sources now, it is a flat-towed vehicle, meaning you can tow it behind your motorhome with all four wheels down without worrying about damage to the transmission. This makes it another good option for RVers, where Jeep has dominated for those that also wanted their tow vehicle to handle the back roads.

Ford Bronco can be a flat-towed vehicle for your motorhome.
Yay, the stylish Ford Bronco can is a flat-tow vehicle.

So now I can have a Bronco as my flat-towed vehicle?

Hold up for a sec. Before you run out to your dealership, be sure to make sure it works for your tow ratings on your motorhome, as it isn’t a light vehicle. Once you know that tow rating, and for more details on this story, plus some of the Bronco’s features and specifications, check out this detailed article from Motor1.

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