6 Clever RV Accessories Around $25 or Less – Video

Not every thing great that is RV related has to be expensive. We discovered this helpful video form All About RVs with six great and cheap accessories that are very useful and very affordable.

Where can I find the RV accessories mentioned in the Video?

We’ve made it easy with clickable Amazon links to the products mentioned so you can stock up or do some more research. A few of the exact RV accessories described have gone up in price, so we tracked down other options of equal quality and features for you, that are at or near that $25 goal.

  • 2-pack of COB Flashlights
  • Road Side Safety Kit – This kit is now includes more items, so it is currently a little more than $25, and not under $25 as the video mentions. It’s still a great bargain for all the things you get in it, so we are leaving this link as is.
  • Durable Hammock – Some Grand Trunk models are still available, but are considerably more expensive than when this video was shot. We prefer the Wise Owl Hammock which is equally highly rated and considerably cheaper, at right around the video’s $25 goal.
  • The Eno Hammock model described in the video is still available but considerably more than the price special at the time of the video. Like with the Grand Trunk Hammock, we recommend the Wise Owl Hammock as much more affordable hammock with similar reviews.
  • Smart Bottles 5 gal
  • Infrared Thermometer
  • Outdoor Thermometer
Clever and Affordable RV Accessories
There’s some great gear out there that won’t break the bank.

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