Better Baking with Your RV Oven

A frequent complaint about RV ovens is that they don’t heat evenly. So things can get burnt down the middle where the burner is, but be undercooked at the edges. A helpful tip for improving the evenness of the heat is to place something to block and disperse the heat. A pizza stone, a metal griddle, an insulated cookie sheet, or an unglazed ceramic tile can be placed at the bottom of the oven, below your food. The heat will be spread by the stone or plate and heat your food more evenly.

The best choice for your oven.

The best choice will depend on your needs. A pizza stone is fairly affordable and can also be used for making great take-and-bake pizzas, but it is a bit more fragile for traveling. A griddle can also be used on your gas range or grill for cooking, and are much more durable, but can be a little more expensive. An unglazed tile is very affordable but is fragile and only has one purpose (unglazed is important so it won’t crack with heat).

You might strongly consider the insulated backing pan (similar to AirBake, but no need to be that specific brand). These baking sheets are two sheets of metal with air trapped between for an insulating effect. It has the advantage of both helping even things, and also being a backup cooking sheet (insulated sheets cook more evenly than traditional sheets in the uneven RV-oven in general anyway). In an RV, things with two purposes rule, so figure out which of these items would have multiple purposes and/or would stow away easiest.

Be sure to measure out your RV oven for the best fit. I’ve included a couple of suggestions in the comments for a common size in a lot of RVs, but be sure to check yours to make sure it will fit. Leave some room on the edges if you use a square grill so that the heat can still get up and around the edges.

Ideally, you want the “heat blocker” to be as low in the oven as possible. That may mean a bottom rack if you have on, or it can be right on the metal plate over the burners. Be sure to not block the holes in the plate, however, so the heat can move. Take that into consideration when measuring your oven for the best fit.

Where can I find these things?

Obviously kitchen supplies can be found all over, but we’ll tell you where they can be found on Amazon if you want to order online. This is just a starting place as you will need one best suited to your oven size and need.

  • Faberware makes an inexpensive and small-size Insulated Baking Sheet that fits in many RV ovens.
  • The Handle-less Griddle shown in the photo is made by Lodge.
  • The Pizza Stone shown in the photo is made by Heritage.

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