3 Fantastic RV Dish Holders in This Simple Kitchen Drawer Hack

RVers know that it is a running challenge to keep RV dishes and kitchen cooking gear in place while in transit. There are a number of great cupboard and drawer hacks to try to keep things from sliding around, but we think this one is especially fantastic.

This kitchen drawer hack consists of a grid of holes in a board that is placed on the bottom of the drawer or in a cupboard, and dowels that go into the holes. The dowels can then be moved around to best separate breakables, and keep things from moving.

The dowels can either be loosely fit into the holes for easy adjustments, or connected via screws from the bottom in order to hold them more securely. If you are using screws up through the bottom and into the dowels, the bottom board can be simply a piece of pegboard cut to size, which comes already with a grid of holes.

Here are three great examples done slightly differently to fit their specific purpose:

Make your own custom RV dish holder.

Realistically, you are going to need several strategies throughout your RV kitchen, depending on the storage area and what you have in it, but having the ability to adjust the dowels in a large drawer or cupboard as needed is a big plus.

We currently haven’t found a good source to purchase these pre-made, but even someone with only moderate handiness should be able to make one of these fairly easily, which will custom fit more snugly than a stock one would anyway.

Where to get the stuff…

Pegboard, dowels, and screws are going to be easiest to just get from your local hardware store like Lowe’s, Home Depot, or Ace Hardware. If you wish to drill large holes for the version where the dowels can be moved around easily, you will need something like a spade drill bit set which is also available online on Amazon.

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