Ultimate RV Checklist App

I know the topic of setup/breakdown checklists has come up in our sister FB group Cool RV Stuff – Gizmos, Gadgets, Decorating, etc. on a regular basis. I’m not crazy about paper checklists because they don’t last and I misplace them a lot. There is a new app some of you may find helpful.

It’s called the Ultimate RV Checklist, and it’s an app for your iPhone or iPad, or your Android device. We took it for a test run, it looks really useful. There are starter checklists for various RV types for newbies that you can also customize, or you can build a completely custom one (what I did) if you have your routine down already. (Because even veteran RVers can forget things when tired, distracted, when someone comes and talks to you in the middle of the process, or on the first few trips of the season.)

Where to find the Ultimate RV Checklist app?

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