RV Dumping Basics – Video

We were all beginners once. There’s no shame in having questions, especially when doing something as messy as RV dumping your black and gray tanks. So we’ve identified two good videos that go through the basics of how to properly dump your tanks.

These tips can apply to motorhomes, trailers, and fifth-wheels. There are often some slight variations to how people do all the tasks, and exactly what products they use, but the fundamentals are all the same.

*Terminology RV novices: The gray tank is the wastewater holding tank for your sinks and showers. The black tank is the wastewater holding tank for your toilet. And the fresh water tank is the holding tank for the water that comes out of your faucets and for flushing the toilet.

Video #1 – RV Dump Station Tips

Items described in this video:

  • Bio Pak Treatment. We also like the similar Happy Camper product
  • Camco Freshwater Filter
  • Rhino or Titan make the thicker-walled sewer hoses described in the video.
  • Freshwater hoses need to be for potable water. We suggest the Camco more traditional freshwater hose, or the Zero-G freshwater hose. We feel the Zero-G hose is far superior, but wanted to provide options. (Read our article about why we like the Zero-G hose so much.)

Video #2 – Dump Station Basics

Items described in this video:

  • Happy Campers Organic RV Holding Tank Treatment
  • Camco RhinoFLEX Clear Elbow
  • Reliance Rhino Pak 5.5 Gallon Water Storage Container
Rhino Sewer Hose - RV Dumping

Manufacturer Notes

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