Get the Best Use of Google Maps

Don’t forget that satellite view on Google Maps ( can be super helpful to RVers. If you’ve found a good gas spot on something like¬†, but you aren’t sure how hard it will be to pull your RV in and out of the facility, zoom in on the station on Google Maps and select satellite view to analyze everything from the number of lanes, turnaround space, and entry/exit roads.

Further, if you aren’t sure how many lanes a highway route has, or how often there will be passing lanes, you can look at it in satellite view and scroll along an entire route.

Use Google Maps Street View for Even More Information

And for both needs, if you see something that seems like it may be difficult, switch to Street-View to see what things look like at eye level. It also helps in knowing what your turn into a gas station will look like, and how turn-lanes are set up as you approach it.

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