Quiet a Noisy RV Water Pump

If you are finding your RV water pump seem noisy or is getting noisier, there are some simple things you can check:

RV Water Pump
There are a number of upgrades you can do to quiet an RV water pump significantly.

1) Is the mount on your water pump tight? Sometime the vibrations can loosen the screw holding the pump itself allowing it to move and bang on the surface it is attached to.

2) Are there rubber pads on your water pump? Most water pumps are attached with some rubber padding between the pump and the mounting surface, allowing for vibrations to not be transferred to the RV itself. If that seem missing or in disrepair, fixing that issue can be a dramatic improvement.

3) Is the surface the pump attached to sturdy? RV manufacturers often take the easiest route and attach it to the nearest area, even if it isn’t suited for mounting a pump. I’ve seen pumps mounted to thin, hollow cabinet sides that created a drum effect when used, amplifying the sound. In these cases, repositioning it to something more sturdy, like the RV sub-floor, will help significantly. Of course, the floor of a motorhome is often on a sturdier frame than a trailer or a fifth-wheel, but often you can find a stiffer part of the floor to attach to.

4) Is the piping / PEX tubing coming from the pump up against a surface? The pump will always have some vibration that will transfer to the tubing, so if that is touching a surface near the pump, it will bang against it and be noisy.

5) If you are still getting sound transferring to the plumbing tubing, there are kits that you can easily install in minutes, that attach soft hosing on each side of the pump before it reaches the stiffer PEX tubing. As a result, the soft hosing can move easily, the vibrations are absorbed, and it isn’t transferred to the tubing and into the walls of your RV.

6) Installing an accumulator tank will help alleviate any jolting in the system as you start and stop your water flow. It will also allow a small amount of water to be used without using the pump, and will generally create a more consistent water flow without pulsing, and reducing noise. It is basically a small water reservoir that fills up with pressure and releases it in a consistent flow.

Is Your RV Water Pump Still Noisy?

If you are still not having luck, or you notice your pump itself seems to be the source of the noise, changing out your pump for a quieter unit may be required. Most pumps, provided they are accessible in your rig, are quite easy to replace and not terribly expensive.

Where can you find the things mentioned in this story?

  • The SeaFlo Accumulator Tank (Amazon)
  • The ShurFlo Pump Silencing Kit (Amazon)

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