Save Your RV Microwave Tray – Pool Noodle Hack

If your trailer or motorhome RV microwave has a glass turntable on the bottom, as many do, you know the annoyance of having to re-seat the glass tray if you’ve encountered even slight bumps along the way. Even worse, I’ve known folks that get the joy of having to find a replacement for a broken one because it had been bouncing around loose in the microwave.

Pool noodle securing microwave tray
A properly sized pool noodle piece will hold the tray in place.

Keep your RV microwave tray safe

Once again pool noodles come to the rescue! If you cut a piece of pool noodle about 1″ taller than your microwave, you can compress it slightly and slide it into the microwave, applying constant pressure to the tray. As your RV bounces down a bumpy road, the noodle gently hold the tray in place!

Just slide it back out when you are at your destination and ready to cook, and the tray should still be seated correctly in its place.

Pool noodles can be found very cheaply on Amazon, at Walmart and sometimes even dollar stores.

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