We are adding a limited number of Impact Media sponsors. As a collaborative sponsor, you will have greater access placed content in our "Cool RV Stuff" Facebook group*, currently the largest RV group on Facebook, with over 267,000 members and an amazing monthly engagement rate of over a 90% ! (Based on 5/1/21 stats.)

You can submit a sponsorship request using the form below to gain access to our social media outlets. We will schedule and post content based on your input and using information and photographs you provide us. We are experts in our outlets and will shape the posts to maximize the impact of each post, using our knowledge of the Facebook algorithm for groups, and the post types that consistently have the most engagement, and our specific group culture.

All sponsorship packages will guarantee a minimum number of impressions per price category, as provided by Facebook Insights and Google analytics. We provide a report at the end of each package that will give the breakdown of success for each post so you can confirm and measure what works best for your needs.

*In an effort to navigate Facebook's ever-changing and complex terms of service for groups, we do not charge for individual ads themselves. Facebook does allow branding collaborations, however, due to their desire to sell you ads themselves, we'd rather not be seen as direct competition in that field. That is why you are signing up as a collaborating sponsoring with us, you are contracting our creative and social media management services in which we will use our FB groups to attain your marketing goals.

Sponsorship Rates
Cool RV Stuff Impressions (Reach) Rate CPM
50,000+ $225 $4.5/M
100,000+ $400 $4/M
150,000+ $525 $3.5/M
250,000+ multi-week $825 $3.3/M
500,000+ multi-week $1500 $3/M
All rates subject to change without notice. Rates are locked in for an entire insertion order as agreed upon until impressions target is reached.
A typical post will receive between 35,000 and 50,000 impressions, but can range anywhere from 10,000 to 150,000. The performance will depend on a number of factors, including post topic, post type, time of year, appeal to the Facebook algorithm, etc. We will run 2 to 3 posts per week until your targeted impressions are reached. These statistic can help you calculate how long your posts will be running and how many posts it may require to achieve your targeted number of impressions.

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