The following are the various parts of the agreement between Impact Media and EcoFlow Tech for the placement of an online article, and additional access and placements on the Cool RV Stuff Facebook group page.

1) Online Advertising Agreement
We will need one signed copy of this part of the agreement on file. This covers the wider legal aspects of the agreement and applies to further ad placements as well. Please sign and return to

2) Insertion Order
These are the details for what is and isn’t included in the agreement specifically covering: June 1st, 2021 through July 31st, 2021. Please sign and return to

3) Invoice
This is a link to the invoice for the above insertion order. Payments can be made in full, or in two installments. We require at least 50% deposit to be applied to the first month prior to any placements. Payment can be made online via ACH if you prefer. Payment details are on the invoice link.

Link to Invoice

4) Your Placement Schedule and Outline for Cool RV Stuff Facebook Group
Here is the schedule for when placements will be made, the suggested type of placements, and the general marketing emphasis we will address.

Thank you for your business, let us know if you have any questions.
Don’t forget to provide access to any content, photos, and tracking URLs if you want them included in the posts and/or articles. Also, we will need a contact email address for post final-copy reviewing if it is different than our current contact email address (

Erick Young
Impact Media