4 Easy Ways to Find RV Dump Stations

So it’s time to dump the waste in your RV. But you are currently dry camping (no hookups), or on the road, or heading home after some time out in nature. How do you find an RV dump station?

Some RV dump stations are free, some are public facilities that charge a small fee, and some are private RV parks that allow you to dump, usually for a slightly higher fee. Some will also have potable water, some will not. These resources will tell you not only where, but the fee (if any), what services it offers, and the dump rules.

FREE Resources for RV Dump Station Locations

Here are our favorite resources for looking up RV dump stations, their prices, and their rules. Because no resource is 100% complete, we often consider several of them if we are not finding an ideal dump station in the location we want.


Campendium.com is a great FREE resource for camping and boondocking locations, but it also offers some additional things you can look up, including RV dump stations. Simply search your locations, then under “Category,” select “Dump.”

Campendium is a database of reviews and information provided by real campers, so often it includes photos and additional information you may want to know, like what size it fits or any tricky entrances or exits. It also has one of the best user interfaces of any resource on this list.

Campendium RV Dumps
Campendium.com filters for RV dumps


Sanidumps.com is a bit of a clunky user interface, but it has some of the best and most accurate information. Many dumps listed on Sanidumps can’t be found in the other resources. For this reason, we often look at several of the database websites if we aren’t finding a listing we like or in an area we like.

Sanidumps also has an e-book PDF that lists thousands of RV dump station locations so you can continue to look for dumping sites even when you have no cell signal or Wi-Fi. The e-book is not free, unlike the web resource.

Sanidumps.com RV dumps
Sanidumps.com is a large resource for finding RV dump stations.


RVdumps.com is another good and free resource with a clunky interface. But hey, if it finds the information you need, then it is worth having on the list.

Rvdumps.com RV Dumps
RVdumps.com is another good dump station resource.

And One Really Excellent Paid Resource

While we are mostly focusing on the free resource, one resource is very good at a number of things so is well worth the cost, so we are including it.


Like Campendium, Allstays is a lot more than just an RV dump station lookup. It is a huge resource for a variety of needs and services RVers use. But we are focusing on RV dumps, and it includes them. While Allstays.com offers some free information, the real power of Allstays is in it’s paid “PRO” subscription that includes web, PDF, and phone app resources.

The Allstays Pro resources are faster, have no ads, and has more privacy, full-screen maps, offline use with Google Earth, more filters, layers for traffic, biking, transit, and over half a million search combinations. So not only can you use it to look up dumps, but it can be your resource for campsites, traffic, recreation, rest areas, and services. It can be used offline too, and there are video tutorials on how to use it. It really is a super resource, which is why we felt the need to include it in our list.

Allstays RV dumps
The Allstays Pro program on allstays.com has dump stations listing, but also all sorts of things useful to RVers.

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