Stop RV Sewer Pipe Dribble Dead In Its Tracks

If your sewer valves have a tiny leak, or there’s some residual fluid left in the pipes when you dump in a hurry, and you often find a little bit of nasty dribble from your sewer when you take the cap off, you can make your life a lot more pleasant very easily.

Valterra Twist on Valve
The Valterra Sewer Waste Valve

The Valterra Twist on RV Sewer Waste Valve

Valterra makes a very handy add-on sewer valve. Place the twist-on guillotine valve right at the end to provide a final seal. It stops any leakiness that backs up behind the cap, and the cap simply twists onto this just like it did before. It’s a ten-second install with no tools!

Where can you find it?

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